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We strive to offer value in everything we do.  We work hard to provide our tenants with nice homes in good condition and excellence in property management.  We take pride in making an effort to maintain our properties well and we will always address your issues with the care and urgency they require.

We value business relationships built on respect, honesty, and meeting mutual commitments.  We understand that with every lease we are making a commitment to you to maintain a high level of service.  Our successful tenants appreciate this and understand that, in turn, they are making a commitment to us to take care of their home and meet their rent obligations accordingly.  Few things are as important to us as building long-term relationships with our great tenants – if you value this, you won’t be disappointed.


We offer management services to rental property owners looking for assistance with the marketing and leasing of the properties, collection of rental payments, day-to-day maintenance requirements and compliance with laws and regulations, as well as tracking of income and expenses.  Our main objectives are to secure the best possible tenant, maintain the property in good condition and ensure the owner is being paid in a timely manner.

We market your property, complete a detailed application process for every applicant, do thorough tenant screenings including credit worthiness, rental and employment verifications, and criminal and civil suit background checks.  We work with you in order to have the most suitable applicant selected, while ensuring full compliance with the law.  We provide a lease agreement that fully covers your property, collect and account for rents, and address any issues to ensure enforcement of the lease.

We handle all maintenance issues with the urgency required, ensuring repairs are performed adequately in order to guarantee that both the tenant is satisfied and the property is well kept.  For this, we maintain relationships with qualified vendors who will perform to high standards of quality and at competitive pricing. We perform complete accounting of all income and expenses for your property ensuring that your return is maximized and we provide detailed monthly statements for your review.

Our policies and operating procedures are very complete, defining the responsibilities of the tenants, the property manager and the landlord, in order to establish simple, clear objectives and expectations from day one.

We offer our tenants reliable customer service.  We care about our properties and look to maintain them in good condition.  Our tenants appreciate this and understand that we depend on them to take care of our properties while they can rely on us to address their issues promptly.

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